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Which is Better Diesel or Petrol

Diesel power is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. However is it actually worth the additional initial buying cost over a petrol model? We all know diesel is more costly at the pump than petrol. But it’s acceptable when you … Read more

Red Diesel Law – Part 2

In part one of Red Diesel Law, we discussed red diesel law and regulations, but there are still further questions left to be answered. We answer some more questions concerning red diesel below: Q. Can I switch between red and … Read more

Oil Duty Cuts

Oil Duty Cuts will Help the Economy, but at a Price to Air Quality? A recent report published by the Treasury has revealed that when it freezes fuel tax, the government makes more money than it loses in doing so. This … Read more

Carbon Offsets – Crown Oil UK are Going Green

For many years, we have consecutively offset the transport mileage of all our delivery tankers. Since 2008 we have been counterbalancing the mileage of our supply tankers. In 2013 alone, we offset 1,732 tons of carbon. We’ve been reducing carbon … Read more