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5 essential fuel saving tips

For many of us, driving a car is essential. The trouble is, it can also be quite expensive too – especially if you’re not taking steps to maximise fuel efficiency. Thankfully, we’re here to offer you a selection of expert … Read more

Oil Tank Maintenance: The Key Steps

While many people are willing to take their time when trying to find the right oil tank, many don’t do everything that is required when it comes to oil tank maintenance. Even if you have kept a track of every … Read more

Looking to Order Heating Oil?

If you are looking to order heating oil, let Crown Oil UK help. We offer a friendly service, quick delivery with the latest, competitive prices available. With the winter months fast approaching, it is worthwhile being prepared when it comes … Read more

Sulphur Limits on Fuel Explained

Why Are Sulphur Levels Being Limited? When sulphur burns it produces sulphur dioxide which is a catalytic poison and contributes to degradation of an engine’s emission control systems. In addition, sulphur dioxide is one of the atmospheric pollutants responsible for … Read more

Diesel Bacteria

If you’re using diesel powered equipment, diesel bacteria can form inside them. These are quite nasty microorganisms that gather inside your fuel tank and quickly affect the running of your diesel powered machinery. The majority of diesel powered equipment is … Read more

Petrol vs Diesel

Diesel power is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. However is it actually worth the additional initial buying cost over a petrol model? We all know diesel is more costly at the pump than petrol. But it’s acceptable when you … Read more

Red Diesel Law – Part 2

In a previous blog post, we discussed red diesel law and regulations, but there are still further questions left to be answered. We answer some more questions concerning red diesel below: Q. Can I switch between red and white diesel … Read more