Contract Retention: Guaranteeing diesel fuel, oil and energy no matter what

Contract RetentionRunning out of fuel is always frustrating and expensive, but with some industries it can be potentially disastrous.

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By entering into a contract retention agreement with Crown Oil UK, we will guarantee a delivery of fuel to your site anywhere in the UK within a set time limit from time of order, regardless of the day, date or time.

If your business cannot afford to run out of fuel, then give Crown Oil UK a call on 0845 130 9777.

  • Healthcare
  • Data Storage
  • Cold Storage, Perishable Goods, Agriculture and Food Production
  • Major Events, Festivals and Concerts
  • Tourism (Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Courses)
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Local Government
  • Environment Agency, Flood Relief and Poor Weather Emergencies

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Call now on: 0845 130 9777