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Diesel Bacteria

diesel bacteriaIf you’re using diesel powered equipment, diesel bacteria can form inside them. These are quite nasty microorganisms that gather inside your fuel tank and quickly affect the running of your diesel powered machinery.

The majority of diesel powered equipment is very expensive and if diesel bacteria get into them, it can be very expensive to replace it.

How Does The Feared Diesel Bacteria Find Its Way Into Your Oil Tanks?

If water gets into your fuel tank it will sink to the bottom of the tank. Bacteria will then be able to form between the water and the diesel. These bacteria can reproduce 3 times in the space of an hour. They live for approximately 2 days before they die. Their bodies gather together to form black sludge in your tank. This blocks the oil filters and produces hydrogen sulphide which can erode your tank and wear away the metal in the pipes.

Exactly How Can You Tell If Diesel Bacteria Is Existing In Your Oil System?

There are numerous ways its existence can be indicated:

  • You may be able to see traces of black sludge and water in the glass ball on the tank. The tank will need to be cleaned and drained if you can visibly see a lot of water in the glass ball as this could indicate that there is water in the tank. Black mud will nearly certainly specify diesel bacteria contamination.
  • Look for traces of black sludge in the old fuel filters when you’re changing the filters on the fuel tank.
  • If your fuel tank has a drain tap, then pour some into a glass or a clear plastic container. Allow it to settle for a couple of minutes and then look and see if you can spot any water or black sludge in the container.

Crown Oil offer a comprehensive fuel polishing service which can get rid of the diesel bacteria in your fuel tank.

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