Environmental Policy

It’s widely acknowledged that human activity is threatening the integrity of the atmosphere and endangering our planet’s future.

At Crown Oil UK, we understand that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our society, and we’ve implemented environmental policies to reflect this concern.

Our policy is driven largely by the purchase of carbon offset credits which counteract the carbon released by our delivery vehicles.

However, we also take less intensive, simple measures in the office which further decrease our carbon release, such as the following:

  • We use energy-saving light bulbs and energy-efficient equipment
  • Where possible, we only use electronic communications to reduce paper consumption (e.g. online billing, e-mail, e-statements, direct debit, etc.)
  • We encourage the use of public transport when possible
  • Reduction, recovery and recycling strategies have helped us to massively reduce the amount of waste our operations produce
  • We always recycle waste paper, print cartridges, and kitchen waste to eliminate methane production in a landfill
  • We’ve implemented teleconferencing facilities  in order to reduce the need to travel to meetings
  • We use paper less and less these days, but when we do, we only use recycled paper
  • Our employees are trained on environmental issues to ensure a full, cohesive team effort when reducing our carbon footprint
  • Our tankers and company cars are regularly serviced to ensure fuel efficiency
  • We encouraging our clients to purchase in bulk with neighbors to save fuel on delivery and decrease CO2 emissions

With policies such as these in place, you can rest assured that we’re the perfect partner for any business which operates with the security of the environment in mind.