Crown's Environmental Policy

Human movement is threatening the wellbeing of the atmosphere and endangering our future. At Crown Oil UK, we understand that weather change is a severe problem that disturbs us all, so we are really committed to applying solutions to worldwide challenges.

We know that our private operations affect the native, regional and worldwide environment because of the nature of our industry. Therefore, we constantly improve our private environmental performance and decrease our carbon footprint.

Our managers and directors participated in outlining our environmental action plan by setting accurate objectives and aims.

Our first objective is to include the subsequent features, which revolve around Crown Oil UK’s direct emissions, reducing our carbon footprint:

  • Using energy saving light bulbs and energy effective equipment
  • Using electric communications to decrease paper consumption (for example online billing, e-mail, e-statements, direct debit, and so on)
  • Allowing staff to work from home evading the necessity to travel, heat and light workplaces
  • Using public transportation when possible
  • Using teleconferencing services when imaginable to evade the need to travel to conferences
  • Using only FSC approved paper
  • Reducing the quantity of waste through reduction, retrieval and reprocessing
  • Recycling leftover paper, print cartridges, electric equipment and kitchen waste to remove methane creation in landfill
  • Frequently servicing and upholding all of our transporters and company cars to guarantee fuel competence
  • Encouraging our customers to purchase in large quantities with other local businesses to save the delivery tanker’s fuel consumption and decrease CO2 emissions
  • Training all workers on ecological issues to guarantee full involvement

Although all practical CO2 decrease steps are taken, it is difficult for us (and most other individuals and companies) to totally eliminate our carbon footprint.

So, our second objective is to develop an offset plan by acquiring high quality counterbalance credits for those CO2 releases we cannot decrease.