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5 Essential Fuel Saving Tips

For many of us, driving a car is essential. The trouble is, it can also be quite expensive too – especially if you’re not taking steps to maximise fuel efficiency.

Thankfully, we’re here to offer you a selection of expert fuel saving tips that will help you get more miles out of your fuel tank.

Find the shortest route

At the risk of pointing out the completely obvious, it’s always worth checking that the route you take is actually the shortest way to your destination.

Take your commute for example. If a quick Google search reveals a slightly faster way to your workplace, you’ve struck fuel-saving gold.

Carry less, drive more

If you’re not travelling long distance, give your engine less to carry by filling up your tank halfway. The more weight you carry, the more fuel you need to move. Simple, right?

This goes for any unnecessary weight in your car. Every gram you don’t need to carry is more money down the drain.

Slow speed, high gear

Over-revving is a very effective way to burn through fuel unnecessarily.

If however, you’d prefer to use your fuel wisely, we’d recommend driving in the highest gear at the slowest possible speed. Why? Because the faster your engine’s revs, the more fuel it uses.

Slower, fewer revs = more efficient fuel economy. Easy.  

Take care of your car

An engine that hasn’t been serviced for a long time is likely to be riddled with issues which are affecting its ability to consume fuel efficiently. Getting your car regularly serviced will ensure this isn’t the case.

The costs of the servicing are easily outweighed by the long term benefits this will bring to your car, such as an extended lifespan and minimising the odds of costly breakdowns in the future.

Minimise sharp braking and accelerating

The hardest job an engine has to do is accelerate from a stationary position – that’s when the most fuel is being used.

Bear this in mind while you’re driving, and you’ll naturally become a more dynamic driver, anticipating the flow of traffic to minimise the amount you have to brake. Less braking will lead to less stationary-start acceleration, leading to significantly less fuel usage.

Take heed of these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your fuel economy.

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