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Which is Better for Fuel Budget, Windows Open or AC On?

fuel budgetYou get into your vehicle and this humid weather means that it’s very warm inside. But what do you do – switch on the air conditioning or open your window? Which on is better for your fuel budget?

According to experts, driving at 45 miles per hour is the best way to determine which way is more effective to stay cool. Many drivers have been trying to figure out what way is better for years, but what is better for your fuel budget?

If you’re travelling above 45mph then you should probably switch on the air conditioning because if your windows are open at this speed then it will be trying to pull your vehicle back and you will use more fuel to move. If you’re travelling under 45mph then you should leave the windows open to save on your fuel budget.

This information is based on studies done in sport vehicles and large saloons which examined if it was better for your fuel budget to use the air conditioning or open the windows.

Guideline Information

However, the research failed to address how different people use the air conditioning and open the windows in their vehicle. For example, some people have air vents and fans in their car, while others just switch the air conditioning on for short periods of time. Also, the research was not carried out on all types of vehicles.

It is good to use 45mph as a guideline, as it is around the average speed vehicles travel at.

The amount you spend on fuel could increase by as much as 10% by using air conditioning, so it is important you look at the implications on your vehicle and your usage carefully.

Although, it may be more effective to open the windows at certain times, you also need to bear in mind that the fumes and exhausts from other vehicles on the road can damage your health.

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