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Carbon Offsets – Crown Oil UK are Going Green

For many years, we have consecutively offset the transport mileage of all our delivery tankers.

Since 2008 we have been counterbalancing the mileage of our supply tankers. In 2013 alone, we offset 1,732 tons of carbon.

We’ve been reducing carbon year-on-year for many years now. So when we deliver fuel to your site or company, the mileage associated with the delivery has been offset.

To counterbalance our transporter mileage, we collaborate with a carbon counterbalancing company who we purchase carbon offsets from. The credits that Crown Oil UK has bought have been used to capture the harmful gas that gets released on landfill sites.

Trees are planted to absorb the CO2 among other things from the carbon offsets that we buy to lower the amount of carbon in the world. When we deliver our fuels and lubricants to you, we know that carbon does get released, so we want to do something positive to counteract this. We feel that this is one of many things that makes Crown Oil UK stand out from other fuel suppliers.

This is part of the business’s environmental initiative to decrease carbon releases. The price of the carbon offsets is entirely funded by Crown Oil UK and there is no additional cost to the consumer.

Partner with other businesses in your area and you could save money by having your fuel delivered together. This will mean that you’re contributing to a more environmentally friendly future for the next generation by choosing Crown Oil UK as your fuel supplier. So if you group buy your fuel within your local community, less carbon will be produced and you’ll have the opportunity to save even more money by buying in greater quantities.

We will fund the cost of the carbon offsets, so when you purchase fuel from Crown Oil UK you won’t be paying more to offset our delivery mileage.

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