Superfluous fuel on site?

Superfluous fuel on site | sell your unwanted diesel, oil, kerosene and heating oil
We can help you turn your waste oil into profit by safely removing the oil, any associated residuals and providing a complete tank clean up. Not only does this oil waste removal help eliminate a potential liability to the environment, it provides you a means to generate additional revenue from a source you may not have thought to explore in the past.

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As one of the largest independent national distributors of fuel, oil and lubricants here at Crown Oil UK, we possess the technical resources, market knowledge and most importantly, the experience you need to commit to a fuel uplift.

What we can do for your business

The fuel services we provide are simple to understand but encompass everything required to safely remove your waste fuel. We offer:

  1. Site survey and technical evaluation of the waste material to assess condition, potential value and best method of recovery.
  2. Development of a phased plan for removal with appropriate risk and environmental assessments.
  3. Removal of primary material – we can regrade it if necessary – release to the market and prompt stage payment.
  4. Removal of tank residues, degassing tanks and either decontaminating to permit future use or complete removal from site.

What we can do for your business - excess, waste and redundant fuel removal services

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Surplus Fuel Removal Projects

Both Medway and Derwent power stations have profited from our services having recently used Crown Oil UK to complete fuel uplifts. Our Environmental Services division regularly carries out surplus gas oil and waste oil/lubricant recovery. Due to our experience, all of our recoveries are efficient and we observe the highest environmental safeguards. We removed 25 million litres of gas oil and 6.3 million litres at Derwent. These projects were completed without technical problems or spillages and we have other projects in the pipeline. These examples are just two of many that we have to illustrate the financial and environmental benefits of having a proper fuel waste management practice in your business.

Environmentally Conscious Fuel Uplifts

We take the environmental impact of everything we do very seriously which is why we offset the carbon emissions associated with any deliveries of oil/fuel and other services to you. This also applies to the oil waste removal services which we offer so you can be assured of an environmentally friendly service.

The carbon offsets are then used on projects designed to help prevent the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that utilising our services for your waste fuel removal actually helps rather then hinders the environmental impact.

Oil Recycling & Safe Disposal

Here at Crown Oil UK, we have the ability to salvage fuel products and put them back into the market. This allows us to maximise the return to you, the customer, by offering fantastic prices on surplus fuels. In the event of your excess fuel or oil being unusable, Crown Oil UK will dispose of it in a responsible manner following government guidelines.

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Fuel Uplift - Excess diesel removal for construction, agriculture & commercial