Carbon Offset Red Diesel Supplier

Carbon Offset Fuels

As one of the UK’s largest fuel and oil distributors, Crown Oil UK understands the potential harm our products can cause to the environment when used. Where possible, we hope to mitigate these harmful effects with innovative solutions.

That’s why we’ve put together a greener alternative to standard red diesel, in the form of carbon offset red diesel.
Carbon Offset Red Diesel - A greener alternative to red diesel

How does carbon offset red diesel work?

When ordering Carbon Offset Red Diesel, a small additional cost is charged, with which Crown Oil UK purchases carbon offset ‘credits’ which are invested in initiatives aimed at reducing the worldwide output of CO2 emissions.

Effectively, this neutralises the CO2 your business releases.

How is the carbon offsetting measured?

If you choose to purchase Carbon Offset Red Diesel, we’ll provide detailed management information showing litres bought, CO2 emissions and quantity of carbon offset credits invested to neutralise those emissions. This is ideal for companies running environmental or quality management systems such as ISO14001, where reporting of CO2 usage is mandatory.

We’re leading by example

To further enhance our green diesel credentials, Crown Oil UK was already the first independent fuel supplier in the UK to offset the CO2 emissions of our total UK delivery mileage at no extra cost to our customers. This effectively made the emissions of our fuel tankers carbon neutral.

The additional cost of carbon offset red diesel goes towards the purchase of carbon credits and related administration. We make no additional profit from offering this product.

With a newer, greener fuel now available in the UK in the form of Crown HVO fuel, the time was right for us to plan for the future. We’re now pleased to say that we’re once again, leading the way by becoming the first UK fuel supplier to run our entire fleet on HVO fuel.

If you’re looking to move your business towards a greener future, take the first step today by operating your own fleet on HVO fuel or switching to Carbon Offset Red Diesel for eligible off-road applications. For further information on our greener, diesel fuels, call our fuel experts today on: 0333 241 6880.