205 Litre Diesel & Kerosene Barrels

205-litre Red Diesel Barrels | Diesel Barrels | Kerosne Barrels

Drums of Red Diesel, DERV and Kerosene Delivered Nationwide

Although our fuels delivery team deliver large quantities of fuel from 500 litres upto 36,000 litres. We’re also called upon to supply fuels in 205 litre barrels too.

If you require fuels including drums of red diesel, DERV (white diesel)  or keosene for example and you need them deliverying anywhere in the UK. We can help you by supplying our fuels in 205 litre barrels along with ancillary fuel products to help you keep your fuels stored and used safely.

Whether your premises are difficult to reach, even when using one of our baby tankers. Or if you prefer to order drums of fuels because you only need small amount of fuels or have no facilities to store fuel on your premises.

No matter the reason, we’re here to help you with a fuel drum delivery anywhere in the UK. Simply give us a call today to discuss your requirements by calling us on 0333 241 6880.

Delivery options to suit

A standard diesel barrel delivery would normally be completed within two working days but, if you’re in need of fuel urgently, we’re able to supply on a same day and next day delivery basis.

Extra services available

In our local depot locations, we are able to offer a filling service for existing barrels, together with an empty barrel collection service so please contact our team for details.

Fully compliant barrels

Our fuel barrels  are manufactured from mild steel, reusable and fully compliant with UN regulations relating to the storage of diesel and lubricants.

Ancillary products

Fuel barrels are designed to be a portable and short term oil storage solution, and as such the ‘risk’ of spillage or leakage is greater than with a bunded static tank.

With this in mind, we offer a full range of ancillary products to ensure your fuel is stored and dispensed in a safe and efficient way;

  • Barrel pumps + fuel hoses
  • Funnels and jugs
  • Bunded barrel pallets
  • Drip trays
  • Barrel stands
  • Spill kits
  • Unrivaled technical advice on all aspects of fuel, oil and lubricants use and storage

Learn more about our anciliary products here.

Crown Oil can provide you with a regular supply of heating oil drums, fuel drums for all your fuel and gas oil needs. Call us today on 0333 241 6880 to find out more about oil barrel fuel delivery.

Need to order a larger quantity of our fuels? We can supply you with red diesel, DERV, Kerosene and more. Take a look at our fuel range of fuel products here.