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Diesel: White diesel, road diesel and derv
Diesel is a fuel used to power vehicles with diesel engines. It is also known as white diesel, derv and road diesel. It is the standard product used in all diesel-engine vehicles including lorries, trucks, vans and cars.

Crown Oil UK are reliable diesel suppliers offering same day and next day deliveries nationwide throughout the UK.

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Since 2006, the vast majority of road diesel available throughout Europe has been Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD). Having a lower sulphur content, ULSD offers lower CO2 emissions, reduced smoke output, improved engine starting and better MPG. Crown Oil UK only supply ULSD options in our diesel fuels. So you can be assured of high-quality diesel which is cleaner than other fuels from our competitors.

At Crown Oil UK, we supply bulk deliveries of white diesel throughout the UK via our network of fuel supply locations. We purchase our derv directly from the UK’s largest refineries, ensuring a continuous supply of first-rate diesel products at all times. Our company size, independence and buying power enable us to pass on our bulk purchase savings to our customers, whilst still offering a range of flexible payment terms to help with your business running costs.

For Bulk Diesel Prices Please Call: 0845 130 9777

With over 65 years experience supplying diesel to UK companies, we understand that getting fuel to where you’re based and when you need it is paramount to keeping your business running smoothly. That’s why we have a large network of fuel depots around the UK to ensure we can be with you on the same day should you need us.

Benefits Of Choosing Crown Oil UK For Your Bulk Diesel Supply

  • True nationwide coverage from a diesel supply network based throughout the UK
  • Telephones manned 24/7, 365 days a year with just one number to call – 0845 130 9777
  • Order quantities of diesel from 1,000-36,500-litres nationwide
  • Fuel management service, your site never need run out of diesel again
  • Full range of storage tanks, pumping and dispensing products, environmental control products and technical advice on all aspects of diesel supply and storage
  • A first-class service from the UK’s leading diesel supplier

Please call: 0845 130 9777 for the latest diesel prices in the UK