Green diesel, oil & fuels with Carbon offsetting

Carbon Offset Fuels
We are all aware that the burning of fossil fuels, such as red and white diesel, emits CO2 into the atmosphere, and the effects of these CO2 emissions is having a potentially harmful effect on our environment, leading to climate change and global warming.

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As a UK-wide fuel and oil distributor, Crown Oil UK understand that the products we sell are potentially harmful to the environment, and as much as possible would like to mitigate this harm and offer our Customer’s a greener alternative to standard red diesel.

Therefore, we have introduced a new product, Carbon Offset Red Diesel.
Carbon Offset Red Diesel
When ordering Carbon Offset Red Diesel, a small additional cost is charged, with which Crown Oil UK purchases carbon offset ‘credits’ which are invested in initiatives aimed at reducing the worldwide output of CO2 emissions, such as the development of alternative fuels, more efficient engine technology, carbon capture and re-forestation projects.

If you choose to purchase Carbon Offset Red Diesel, we will provide detailed management information showing literage bought, CO2 emissions and quantity of carbon offset credits invested to neutralise those emissions, ideal for those companies running environmental or quality management systems such as ISO14001, where reporting of CO2 usage is mandatory.

We are not claiming to have developed the world’s first carbon free red diesel, but we are the UK’s first independent fuel supply company to offer carbon offsetting as a standard ‘off the shelf’ product.

To further enhance our green credentials, Crown Oil UK are already the first independent fuel supplier in the UK to, at no extra cost to our Customers, offset the CO2 emissions of our total UK delivery mileage, therefore the emissions of our tanker fleet are carbon neutral.

The additional cost of carbon offset red diesel goes towards the purchase of carbon credits and related administration, Crown Oil UK makes no additional profit from offering this product.

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