Industrial Heating Oil – IHO

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With Crown Oil UK, you can buy industrial oil (Crown IHO) for heating your commercial and industrial premises. When you purchase our industrial heating oil, you can be assured of the best quality heating product and highest levels of service. So how much more will this cost compared to your current heating costs with red diesel/gas oil?

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Industrial Heating Oil - Buy IHO

Believe it or not, Crown IHO will actually reduce your industrial heating costs and if that’s not good enough, our high-end oil product promises to treat your equipment with so much love and care, that it will actually clean it inside with our special blend.

Fuelling Commercial and Industrial Boilers

Industrial heating oil is a blend of petroleum fractions and performance additives which make it a clean and cost effective alternative to regular gas oils. It is free from heavy metals, halogens and other nasties including waste oils. Light in colour and low in odour Crown IHO, is a visibly cleaner product than most and free from sediment.

Crown IHO can work with most industrial boilers and fuel based industrial heating units but we always ask you to double check with us before making the leap to lower industrial heating oil prices, It’s always better to be on the safe side however, if your commercial boiler is currently running on gas oil (red diesel) then chances are we can offer you a better alternative with our industrial heating oil.

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How Can We Keep Costs Low?

Our industrial heating oil prices are cheaper because we actually blend the product ourselves at our oil centre. As we don’t rely on a supplier or distributor, we can accommodate any size order and deliver when you need it same or next day whilst saving you money.

As the perfect fuel for industrial boilers and furnaces, it means that you can trust it to not only save you on the cost of commercial heating but also your industrial processes with furnaces too!

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Where Can You Buy IHO?

At Crown Oil UK, we deliver fuels and lubricants nationwide. This is exactly the same for industrial oil. Whether you’re in London or Liverpool or anywhere in the UK, we can supply you with IHO for heating industrial premises wherever and whenever you need it.

As it is compliant with all the parameters set out in BS2869 Class D British Standard for heating oil (excluding cetane value due to its heating purpose), you can be assured that you’re buying an excellent quality oil from Crown Oil UK.

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