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Buy kerosene oil (kero) in bulk volumes or by the barrel from one of the UK’s leading suppliers! Crown Oil UK is a trusted kerosene supplier providing same day and next day delivery options on all kerosene orders nationwide!

To buy kerosene or to get the latest kerosene prices call us now on: 0845 130 9777.

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Kerosene Prices

At Crown Oil UK, we aim to deliver an unbeatable service when you buy kerosene heating oil in any volume. As with almost any product, purchasing power plays a big role in the price of kerosene and as we buy kerosene in huge amounts we save money and pass on these savings to you the customer.

To buy fuel oil or to get a quote with the latest prices call us now on: 0845 130 9777.

Our kerosene prices are per litre and just in the same way we buy in bulk and make savings, the more you buy from us the cheaper the price per litre. But, please don’t think you won’t get a cheap kerosene price in a barrel. We check against multiple kerosene suppliers to ensure our prices remain competitive and we offer unparalleled customer service and support; to ensure buying with us is easy, hassle-free and cost effective.

We’re often asked to display kero prices however, this isn’t very useful as prices change daily and depend on varying factors. For latest prices please call our team or fill out the quote form.

For the latest prices call us now on: 0845 130 9777 or speak with our team regarding our fuel services!Kerosene - Kerosene Suppliers | Crown Oil UK

Oil Availability and Delivery

As a nationwide fuels and lubricants supplier Crown Oil UK, can deliver 500 – 36,500 litres anywhere in the UK. We have huge stocks at our oil centre in the north west of England and can supply you with fuel oil anytime; whether you need it on the same day in an emergency or next week!

Our large fleet of oil delivery tankers give us the flexibility to deliver fuels to almost any premises. This is because we have small, medium and large tankers to accommodate almost and delivery request. If your property is hard to reach or difficult to access for kero deliveries then please call us with details and we’ll let you know what we can do for you!

To buy kero or to get the latest kerosene oil prices call us now on: 0845 130 9777.

What Is Kerosene

Kerosene, also known as heating oil or shortened to kero, is a fuel oil used in domestic and commercial oil-fired heating applications. It can also be used in jet engines however, the two fuels for heating and powering aircraft vary slightly so there’s no need to worry about your boiler taking off when you switch it on to heat the home or factory!

Call us for a free kero quote on: 0845 130 9777 or ask us about our fuel services!