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Red diesel is a low-duty form of diesel fuel when compared to ‘white’ road diesel and it is also known as gas oil, tractor diesel, agricultural diesel, generator fuel, 35-second oil and cherry fuel.

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Red Diesel Uses

Gas oil is minimally taxed and its use is strictly confined to off-road, untaxed vehicles such as tractors and diggers as well as horticultural equipment and agricultural machinery. Rebated fuel can also power earth moving machinery, piling and drilling equipment, cranes and static diesel powered machinery; generators, pumps and industrial heating/cooling equipment.

The applications of red diesel are widespread throughout the construction, civil engineering, agricultural, marine, leisure and commercial industries. As a leading red diesel supplier to the UK, Crown Oil UK can deliver your gas oil on the same day or next day if you require your oil in an emergency. Find out more details regarding our emergency fuel service here!

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The use of red diesel in road going vehicles as an ‘every-day’ road transport fuel is prohibited by law, this particular diesel fuel is dyed red for easy identification by HMRC Inspectors, and anyone found to be using red-dyed diesel in a road-going vehicle is liable for prosecution.

Crown Oil UK will only supply red diesel for off-road use or as a fuel oil. HMRC regulations require us to request all commercial and domestic users taking more than 10,000 litres a year (or a single delivery of 3,500+ litres), sign a declaration stating what the fuel is being used for.

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If you’re wondering where to buy red diesel then you have several options with Crown Oil UK. You can purchase red diesel over the phone by speaking with one of our advisors or you can call in to see us locally at The Oil Centre and top up at our pump.

Why Buy Red Diesel From Us

With over 65 years experience in the supply of fuels & lubricants, we understand that gas oil is the lifeblood of your site, so when you order either bulk fuel or barrels from Crown Oil UK, the following benefits apply:

    • True nationwide coverage on all deliveries from a supply network based throughout the UK.
    • Telephones manned 24/7, 365 days a year with just one number to call, 0845 130 9777.
    • Order volumes ranging from a 36,000-litre tanker to a 205-litre gas oil barrel.
    • Fuel management service, your site never need run out of red diesel fuel again.
    • Full range of red diesel storage tanks, pumping and dispensing products, environmental control products and technical advice on all aspects of red diesel supply and storage

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