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Red Diesel Law – Part 2

Red Diesel lawIn part one of Red Diesel Law, we discussed red diesel law and regulations, but there are still further questions left to be answered. We answer some more questions concerning red diesel below:

Q. Can I switch between red and white diesel by using two separate fuel tanks?

A. The red diesel law states it is illegal to have two fuel tanks on a vehicle which can both connect to the engine and power the vehicle.

Q. What is the red diesel law for storing red and white diesel on farms?

A. The red diesel law states that all fuels must be stored separately in different tanks with an opening for a pipe. Fuel tanks should be clearly marked. The tank used for storing red diesel must have a notice saying that this fuel cannot be used on public roads.

Q. Can I use red diesel in my farm 4×4 if it is used just for farming purposes?

A. Red diesel can be used to run a 4×4 on farms as long it doesn’t go on public roads and doesn’t pay road tax.

The DVLA provides NIL licences for any vehicles that are used to travel between different parts of a farm. These vehicles can be run on red diesel, however journeys in these vehicles must never exceed 1 mile at a time.

Q. I occasionally drive a tractor out on a road run, around 10 miles or so, with a group of like-minded friends. Can we run on red diesel?

A. Certainly not. White diesel has to be used for this as it is not related to agriculture.

Q. A worker travels to a farm to create silage, which he then tows to the owner’s yard. Is this farming or is it categorised as carrying goods for rental or payment?

A. Red diesel can be used here as it is an agricultural job. However, the worker must actually be gathering the silage and not just delivering it.

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