Priority Contracts

Running out of fuel can be frustrating and expensive, but in some industries, it can be potentially disastrous.

Each and every day, people are heading out in their cars and looking down at their fuel gauges to ensure they have enough fuel for the journey ahead. They do this because nobody ever plans to run out of fuel because it can be frustrating and time consuming having to make alternative arrangements to find fuel for a top up.

However, when it comes to businesses where unplanned downtime can cost many thousands or even millions of pounds in some cases of lost revenue. It happens far more often than many people realise and the unfortunate thing for these businesses is that it could have easily been avoided!

priority contract

Whether your business has a dedicated employee to control and manage your on-site fuel supplies or it’s the job of a number of people across the business, one thing is for sure: for many businesses, unplanned fuel related downtime is something that they expect and plan for.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way and you shouldn’t need to experience downtime in your business because you’ve run low on or completely out of the fuels that your business relies on!

With our priority contract service, you’ll gain access to a host of premium service benefits to ensure your business never runs out of fuel again:

  • Your business’s fuel ordering managed for you
  • Your fuel orders will always reach you on-time
  • Your orders can be placed 24/7, night or day
  • A wide range of service level agreement (SLA) options available
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager to take charge of your business’s fuel needs

How do priority fuel contracts work?

Our priority fuel contracts come with an annual fee which ensures your emergency fuel is delivered to you, anywhere in the UK whenever the need arises within an agreed time limit from the second you place an order. You can count on Crown Oil UK to arrive on time, every time.

Businesses and organisations we’ve arranged priority contracts with include:

  • Healthcare, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Data centres, data storage and internet hosting companies
  • Food factories, cold storage, perishable goods, agriculture and food production
  • Major events, music venues, festivals, concerts, and large-scale events
  • Tourism industry including; hotels, restaurants, golf courses
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Local government and government buildings
  • Environment agency, flood relief and poor weather emergencies
  • Any many other businesses that deal with emergencies

If you’d like to create an account and become a priority customer, click here and complete the application form.

You can also call our priority contracts team on 0333 241 6880 to learn more and discuss your requirements.

Please note, this facility is available for business customers only.